1. Indigenous Discourses, Methodologies, and Histories

manker32detgrnrevThis stream engages with contemporary and historical inquiries into indigenous discourses, methodologies and histories in the Nordic region and through Nordic engagements and presences in other parts of the world. We invite contributions that address Sámi, Greenlandic, Inuit, and First Nations history, cultural practices, languages, politics, representations, and modes of agency and activism, as we also seek to address repercussions of past and current instantiations of Nordic colonialism. In particular, the stream aims to promote renewed inquiry within the globally engaged and interdisciplinary field of Scandinavian Studies into: a) processes and meta-perspectives of Indigenous knowledge paradigms; b) conceptualizations and the relevance of post- and neo-colonialist theories for Scandinavian Studies; c) epistemologies of activist, collectivist, contextual, oral and place-based scholarly approaches; d) ethics and relational sensibilities in research and pedagogy; e) practices and examples of collaborative projects that engage both traditional (Western) scholarship and indigenous knowledge creation and dissemination; f) policy and politics of statehood, EU, and UN status classification, e.g., ’indigenous,’ ’multicultural,’ and ’minority’; g) comparative and interdisciplinary approaches in global, Nordic, and North American indigenous studies; and h) the teaching and pedagogy of indigenous studies both within and alongside Scandinavian Studies.