8. New Approaches to Nordic Cinemas: Aesthetic, Digital, Documentary, Experimental

Ingmar-Bergman camera detailOver the last two decades, Nordic film and television has gained international recognition and acclaim in both popular and academic circles. Whether the work of recognized auteurs like Lars von Trier or Lukas Moodysson, emerging filmmakers like Ruben Östlund, cross-over directors of broad international reach such as Susanne Bier, Mikael Håfström, or Baltasar Kormákur, Nordic remakes in Hollywood, or festival and Video-on-Demand successes of Nordic documentaries, Nordic film and television (in both traditional and new digital platforms) arguably are among the most prevalent European moving images in terms of global circulation and recognition. This stream seeks to address both these well-recognized forms of Nordic moving images as well those that are less well-known outside the national boundaries of the various Nordic countries, including contemporary experimental filmmakers working in mixed-genre and media formats or Nordic practitioners working outside national film industries or in artisanal contexts. This stream is also interested in new approaches to canonical Nordic filmmakers; approaches that raise innovative and challenging aesthetic, cultural, transnational, gendered and formal questions about filmmakers such as August, Bergman, Dreyer, Gaup, Hallström, Kaurismäki, Nelson, Scherfig, Simma, Sjöström, Sucksdorff, and Ullman, or in reconceiving what a ‘Nordic Aesthetic’ in cinematography, style, narrative and pace may look like from the vantage point of the 21st century. The stream thus seeks to break away from analyses that draw primarily on area studies approaches to widen the dialogue and debates that surround and engage with this compelling and diverse range of cinema.