Newark Earthworks excursion

What are the Newark Earthworks?

They are the largest geometric earthwork complex in the world. Built by the Hopewell culture 2000 years ago, major elements of the complex are aligned with the 18.6-year lunar cycle. Local archaeological finds suggest that Newark may have been a major site of pilgrimage in ancient North America. Today they are the subject of scholarly investigation as well as renewed ceremonial use by Indigenous Americans.


Information for excursion participants


7:00 AM Grab-and-go breakfast will be set up at the Wall Street (back) entrance of the Hilton Columbus Downtown.
8:00 AM Bus departs from the Wall Street (back) entrance of Hilton Columbus Downtown.
9:00 AM We’ll arrive at the Great Circle Earthworks and be met by Richard Shiels, Professor Emeritus of History and Director of the Newark Earthworks Center. Dr. Shiels will give us a tour of the Circle site (outdoors) and the museum (indoors). Restrooms are available at the museum.
10:30 AM A mile drive to the Octagon, another part of the Newark Complex, where we will be able to view of
11:00 AM Bus leaves Octagon site for Columbus.
12:00 AM Arrival at Hilton Columbus Downtown, at the ideal time and place from which to explore the lunch options at the North Market and the Short North restaurant and arts district.


 Clothing, weather, and May in Ohio

  • Wear shoes suitable for walking on grass.
  • We expect a bright, clear day with temperatures rising from 60°F / 15.5°C to 80° F /26.5°C by noon. For updates on weather, I recommend Search for Heath, Ohio or click here.
  • The Ohio sun is stronger than you might expect, so consider a hat and sun screen.
  • Those with seasonal allergies should take note that pollen levels will be extremely high.